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Manannan was the first ruler of the Isle of Man. He ruled in peace, shrouding the Island in mist to protect it from potential invaders. All he asked of the people was a payment of rushes to be left on South Barrule each year...

This is one of the oldest known traditions on the Isle of Man, and the laying rushes in honour of our pre-Christian deity is still practised today, both in a public form at Tynwald Day and in more private ways which sees Manx people going up South Barrule on Midsummer Eve or Tynwald Day Eve still.

Here one family tell us about their own connection to the tradition.

This film is also available in a Manx language version:


The music in this film is 'Manannan Ballad' traditional words set to original music by Annie Kissack and performed by Caarjyn Cooidjagh. It comes from the CD Sollys.

More about the traditions for the place in the calendar where many of the Midsummer customs are now practised - Tynwald Day - is available here: Tynwald Day.