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A folklore belief from the Isle of Man is that it should be glad it's been raining on the morning of L'aal Breeshey (St. Bridget's Day) on the 1st of February.This is so that the caillagh (witch) won't be able to gather her sticks, and so there'll be good weather in spring...

This comes from a number of sources, but it is explained very nicely by William Cashen:

"Every ditch had to be full of rain or snow on St. Bridget’s Day, so that the old caillag (or witch) could not gather the brashnags (or faggots for firing). If she could lay in a stock of firing on that day, there would be bad weather in the spring, but if she could not gather the brashnags there would be fine weather."

We are very glad to say that this film was made on the morning of 1st February 2018, and we now look forward to good weather in spring!

This video is also available in a Manx language version: