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Ta mee ayns Rhumsaa jiu as she laa braew t'ayn  - I'm in Ramsey today and it's a fine day


S'mie lhiam kay-riojey as s'mie lhiam kay-riojey shocklaid - I like Ice cream and I like chocolate Ice-cream


Ta mee geearree kay riojey nish - I want an ice cream now


Numbers 1 - 20 in Manx:
Nane, jees, tree, kiare, queig, shey, shiaght, hoght, nuy, jeih, nane-jeig, daa-yeig, tree-jeig, kiare-jeig, queig-jeig, shey-jeig, shiaght-jeig, hoght-jeig, nuy-jeig, feed 


Keayrt dy row = once / once upon a time


T'eh yindyssagh goaill arrane ayns Gaelg
It's wonderful singing in Manx


She eeasteyr mish - I'm a fisherman


S'mie lhiam gobbraghey er y cheayn
I like working on the sea


Cre'n sorçh eeast s'mie lhiat? - what type of fish do you like?
S'mie lhiam braddan - I like salmon