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A visual poem for the traditional Manx song, Eisht as Nish, performed by the late Bernard Caine RBV with Charles Guard on harp in c. 1974.
The traditional Manx tune (which translated from Manx Gaelic to 'Then and Now') is one of heartbreak and sadness, beginning with the telling lines:

Keayrt va mee aeg,
As mish ta mee shenn;
Keayrt va daa ineenyn aym,
Agh nish cha vel nane.
Once I was young,
And now I am old;
Once I had two girls, but
Now there is not one.

This comes from a collection of recordings made by Bernard Caine and others in around 1974, Keayrt va mee Aeg.
The recordings were not released at that time but they were recently rediscovered and they are released here as a posthumous memory of Bernard Caine RVB and the many things he did for Manx language, music and culture during his lifetime.
The album is available for free download here: Keayrt va mee Aeg