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The story of the holy well now almost forgotten and hidden in weeds on the edge of Douglas:
Chibbyr Vreeshey / St. Bridget's Well at the Nunnery.

Dedicated to St. Bridget/Breeshey/Bride, this spring connects the Isle of Man to one of the most important saints in the Celtic world, pointing back to the belief that Breeshey herself came to the Isle of Man and founded the Nunnery.
This well dedicated to her was held in reverence for centuries, with people coming to take the water in the hope of receiving miraculous cures for their ailments.
As with other sites like this around the Isle of Man, this chibbyr is also associated with Themselves (the Mooinjer Veggey, the "fairies"), with their music often being heard here at night, and they were known to take vengeance on people who displeased them, like Old Mary...

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