taking our culture forward


An illustrated talk by Dr. Fenella Bazin RBV introducing us to some of the people who contributed to our knowledge of Manx history, language, folklore, music and more.

Working in their own fields of collection, research and creation, figures such as A. W. Moore, P. M. C. Kermode, Dr John Clague, Sophia Morrison, Archibald Knox, Mona Douglas, Hall Caine, J. J. Kneen and others together shaped a sense of Manx identity that is still very much with us today.
This talk by Dr Bazin offers an overview of some of these figures, their backgrounds and work, and what binds them together in our shared cultural history.

This talk was delivered for the Michael Heritage Trust on 7 February 2022, in the Ebenezer Hall.
It was recorded and is released here with thanks to the Trust and Dr Bazin.