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A conversation with an unusual visitor to the Isle of Man; someone fluent in Manx, despite having only ever been here for a matter of weeks before.

Katie Kermode is an inspiring speaker of Manx gaelic, having learnt Gaelg using online and other resources whilst in America. She visited Culture Vannin on her latest trip to the Island, in July 2018, and spoke to Adrian Cain about her Manx heritage, her reasons for taking up the language, and what it takes it achieve her level of fluency.

The Manx version of the interview is here:

The English language version of the interview is here:

She also brought with her a copy of a book entitled, Early Lake County Ohio Settlers from the Isle of Man, which offered the poportunity to speak a little about the book, Manx emigration to America and some Katie's own family history:

A version of the conversation is available in English here:

More information about Manx and how to learn is available from the Learn Manx website.