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Interview with Mrs Violet Corlett, who was born in Douglas and subsequently moved to live in Cronkbourne Village upon becoming married. Interviewer Elizabeth Ardern-Corris talks to Mrs Corlett, and the following topics of conversation emerge:

  • Early childhood memories
  • Husband's work at Clucas' Laundry
  • Getting married and starting a family
  • Cronkbourne Village
  • Braddan Commissioners
  • Shops in Cronkbourne Village
  • Groceries and deliveries
  • Children's parties and games
  • Local characters
  • Neighbours and relatives
  • Recitation of 'When the Laundry whistle blew'
  • Local quarry
  • Wages and budgeting money


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More Photos

  • Mrs Violet Corlett at her home in Douglas in 2011 holding one of her published books 'Shades of Violet'
  • Mrs Violet Corlett's husband Allan's grandparents, Thomas Corlett with his wife Eleanor on the left, and Eleanor's sister on the right, on holiday in Blackpool. Date unknown
  • Group of Cronkbourne Village children outside one of the houses in Cronkbourne Village, Braddan. Date unknown.
  • Mrs Violet Corlett with her son Keith in 1962
  • Clucas' laundry girls. May Kermode from Baldwin is standing on the left, back row; Edith Humphries from Cronkbourne Village, Braddan is standing in the middle, back row; Nellie Corlett from Cronkbourne Village, Braddan is sitting on the left, front row.
  • Mrs Violet Corlett with her husband Allan on their wedding day on the 2nd October 1951, at Kirk Braddan.
  • Poppy day at Clucas' Laundry, Tromode. Clucas' laundry van in background. Date unknown.
  • The workers at Clucas' Laundry, Tromode in 1929.
  • Cronkbourne Village, Braddan playground and green. Mrs Kerruish is on the right and Mrs Humphries is on the left. Date unknown.
  • Mrs Violet Corlett on the left with Margaret Golding at Clucas' laundry in Tromode. Date unknown.
  • Mrs Violet Corlett nee Faragher on the right, aged c19 years old with her sister Margaret in the centre and her mother Emily Edith Faragher
  • Mrs Violet Corlett and her husband Allan on their wedding day on the 2nd October 1951 outside Braddan Church. Mrs Corlett's sister Margaret was the bridesmaid and is standing on the right front row.
  • Mrs Violet Corlett's husband Allan with their eldest son Ian c1957 in the quarry in front of Cronkbourne Village, Braddan.
  • Braddan A.F.C in 1936. Tossie Clucas, the owner of Clucas' laundry, is standing on the far left.
  • Cronkbourne Village, Braddan, in 2011
  • The old buildings of Clucas' laundry, Tromode, in 2011
  • The old sluice gate at Clucas' laundry, Tromode, in 2011.
  • Heritage Day at Cronkbourne Village, Braddan in 1992 when residents from Union Mills, the Strang and Cronkbourne Village joined with friends in celebration