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Mr Lionel Taggart was born in Douglas in 1922. He was brought up and schooled in the town before joining the Royal Navy, where he trained upon The Caledonia. In this interview, which is conducted by Elizabeth Ardern-Corris, Mr Taggart discusses many topics of interest including his life on board Navy ships, training as a submarine dector and his travels throughout the world.

  • Douglas
  • Royal Navy
  • World War II
  • Submarine
  • The Quilliam
  • Nicknames
  • Ballakermeen


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More Photos

  • Mr Lionel Taggart in 2012
  • Mr Lionel Taggart aged c.10 years old
  • HMS Quilliam
  • Crew of HMS Caledonia in 1938
  • Postcard of HMS Cumberland
  • Coffins from the sinking of the 'Graf Spee' in 1939
  • Sinking of the Graf Spee - 1939
  • Lionel Taggart with his mother
  • A VE Day dinner menu from 1945
  • Mr Lionel Taggart's wedding day, 11th February 1954