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Just 4ft 10 ins in height, Linda Caulfield has forged a successful career here on the Island as an extraordinarily popular pub singer with a strong fan base, the majority of whom, incidentally, are women.

She was born in Liverpool in 1952, moving here with her mum and dad and siblings in 1968. Despite having lived here for 50 years, she has never lost her Liverpool accent!

Although an extremely shy child, she blossomed when invited to get up and sing at family gatherings. She was only nine when she told an aunt that she was going to be a singer when she grew up.

Douglas in the late 60s still had a thriving summer season, which offered Linda the opportunity to sing with dozens of local bands at dozens of venues. This was her training ground for a career that has spanned half a century and is still going strong.

Dressed in her trade mark short, silk, fringed dresses – and looking glamorous with her platinum blond hair and dark eye make-up, she brightens up many a Friday and Saturday night, performing two-hour shows at pubs, clubs and hotels the length and breadth of the Island.

Carla Faragher has been her ‘roadie’ for the past 10 years.

A large group of female fans paid her a huge compliment recently when they turned up for a show at The Creek in Peel dressed as ‘Little Miss Dynamite’ look-alikes.


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  • Interview with Linda Cauldfield - 'Little Miss Dynamite'