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Kathline Callister grew up in Glen Mona, close to the home of the Manx dialect poet, Kathleen Faragher. The poet was a frequent visitor to their home and she shared her enjoyment of the Maughold Women’s Institute meetings with Kathline Callister’s mother. It was through this that Kathline was able to see Faragher perform in the ‘social half hour’ of the W.I. meetings, and she can even recall the time her mother performed in one of Faragher’s Manx dialect sketches. Another memory is of the context of one of Faragher’s poems, The Manx Weddin’, in which Kathline herself features.

This interview also covers Kathline’s experiences of the Manx cultural revival of the 1970s, including a run in with the militant Manx nationalist group, Fo Halloo; the flourishing of Manx today, despite continued negative attitudes from some members of the community; and the status of Manx dialect today.


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  • Kathline Callister

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  • Kathleen Faragher on a W.I. outing