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Interview between Elizabeth Ardern-Corris and Mrs Joyce Kinley. Mrs Kinley, who was born and brought up in Kirk Michael, talks about the following topics:

  • Glen Wyllin
  • Early school days
  • Nurse training and Myrtle Street Children's Hospital
  • Sunday School and Church
  • Father's building business
  • 'The Hut' shop in Kirk Michael
  • Grandparents emigrating to the USA
  • Chores as children
  • Travelling by train to Ramsey Grammar School
  • WWII and rationing
  • Meeting husband and starting a family
  • Emigrating to Canada
  • Moving to California
  • Retiring to the Isle of Man
  • Manx Society in Winnipeg
  • Grandchildren


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More Photos

  • Mrs Joyce Kinley (n'e Crowe) with her husband Malcolm in Vancouver with their second son Fraser aged 6 weeks old
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley's husband Malcolm with their son Alastair in Stanley Park, Vancouver in March 1959. Lumberman's Arch in the background on the left
  • Newspaper cutting with photograph of a Boxing Day Party with Bishop Stanton Jones. Mrs Joyce Kinley, as a young child, is standing in the centre of the photograph (second child from the left after Bishop Stanton Jones). Date unknown
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley, her husband Malcolm and their son Alastair outside their house in Vancouver, 1957/58
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley's paternal grandmother Catherine Margaret Crowe nee Corlett from Cronk y Voddy. She died in 1936.
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley's paternal grandfather George Daniel Crowe from Kirk Michael. He died in December 1942
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley's mother Esther is on the right with sister Winifred sitting front left (in floral dress). Mrs Joyce Kinley as a baby, wearing a bonnet, is sitting in the lap of a friend at the front. Cousin George East is sitting at the back centre. Date unknown
  • Family group portrait. From left to right: Mrs Joyce Kinley's Uncle Fred Crowe, grandmother Catherine Margaret Crowe nee Corlett, Aunty Leana Crowe (grandfather’s sister), the three young girls in centre are Ethel, Jessica and Winnie (correct order unknown), grandfather George Daniel Crowe and Mrs Joyce Kinley’s father George Henry is on his father’s lap. Date unknown
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley's father George Crowe is sitting centre in the middle row in front of Tynwald Hill at St John's. Bisset Kewley, wearing a bowler hat, is standing in the back row far left. Date unknown
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley's eldest son Alastair sitting on a wall in Kirk Michael in 1954. Kirk Michael church is in the background
  • Front side of a third class season ticket for Miss Joyce Crowe (Mrs Joyce Kinley) valid for schooldays only
  • Mrs Joyce Kinley nee Crowe at her home in Douglas in 2012