taking our culture forward

Mrs Jennifer Leece, talks to Elizabeth Ardern-Corris about:

  • Early school days
  • Discipline
  • Attending Edge Hill College
  • Working at Dhoor School
  • Meeting her husband
  • Playing outside as a child
  • WWII and Prisoners of War
  • White City [Amusement Park]
  • Sunday School and Church
  • Onchan Village and shops
  • Parents and Blakemore's Music Shop
  • Village policing
  • Working for Isle of Man Newspapers
  • The Leece Museum


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More Photos

  • Mrs Jennifer Leece at her home in Peel in 2012
  • Mrs Jennifer Leece's husband Eddie, who founded the Leece Museum in Peel
  • Mrs Jennifer Leece with her husband Eddie at their home in Peel c.2008