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Florrie Kinvig was born Evelyn Florence Garrett at Ballanank Farm in Ballasalla in 1923 and moved around a number of farms in the area, first at Ballaglonney, Grenaby for a number of years, then to Ballaglonney, Ballabeg on her marriage to Robert Kinvig before settling at Ballavarvane Farm in St. Marks until retirement.

Florrie talks of; life growing up in Grenaby, Kerrowkeil Chapel, farming, empty tholtans, Ronague, mill days, poverty, local customs including the quaaltagh, local characters, Easter and Christmas traditions, Manx language and local native Manx speakers, traditional remedies in the days before the NHS, Ballamodha School, WW2, the formation of the Southern Young Farmers Club, being one of the group that started the Braaid Eisteddfod to raise funds for the Braaid Chapel in the 1950’s and the life lived in a community where people looked out for and after each other.


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  • Interview with Florence Kinvig