taking our culture forward

Mr Alfie Gilmour, born in 1915 and who passed away in November 2000, talks to David Callister about his memories. Topics include:

  • Spring Valley and Pulrose estates
  • Open air services at Kirk Braddan Church
  • Early school days
  • Cattle boats from Northern Ireland
  • Belle Vue racecourse
  • Builder Mr McCarten
  • 1928 flood and saving baby
  • Douglas & Pulrose Laundry
  • Wilfie Purvis’ bus service
  • Apprentice at Todhunters
  • Parrot stories and antics
  • The Minay family
  • Tricks and pranks at work
  • Nicknames and local tramps
  • Working for the Gas Company
  • Drunken holiday-makers


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