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These postmen, two retired and two current (both in their fortieth year) at the Isle of Man Post Office, talk about working at the Post Office in the 1960's and 1970's. Three started as telegram boys, the earliest being Brian who started in 1963, and they talk of their experiences including delivering over 600 telegrams in one day after the Summerland fire when people were letting their families know they were safe. Wonderful stories of delivering post at the time when boarding houses were full, of working Christmas Day and postmen having to be carried home after each house welcomed them in for a 'tot' of whisky, of running to the Forester's Arms for a pint in a thirty minute work break, the ghost said to be in the canteen at Circular Road Sorting Office, of characters they met while delivering the post, of the men they worked with, many of them ex Army, and the incredible times they had working in quite an unusual work environment barely recognisable in the 21st Century.

Stories, scandal, gossip and lots of social history.


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  • Steven 'Sparky' Parkinson, Richie Stevenson, Phil 'Nipper' Cain and Brian Speedie