taking our culture forward

The Villa Marina Amendment Bill was passed by Tynwald at the end of 1929. This bill included plans for an Arcade shelter with shops and public conveniences, in addition to colonnades and verandahs surrounding the Villa Marina. The Arcade, which housed nine shops and ‘fine’ public lavatories, was completed in summer 1931. The photographs below were taken in October 2006 and show the Arcade in a state of disrepair. The Arcade has since been refurbished and extended and a rare ‘Mighty Wurlitzer’ organ has been installed. This particular Wurlitzer was used in the City Cinema Leicester from the 1930s and was located in Summerland from 1989 until its closure. The Arcade was reopened in December 2009, complete with shops. The space is now used for organ recitals and summer concerts.