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Until the Manxmen are driven away: The selected poems of Paul Lebiedzinski


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The selected poems of one of the Isle of Man’s most provocative and important poets.

25 years after his untimely death, Paul Lebiedzinski’s work remains amongst the most exciting of all Manx literature and Until the Manxmen are driven away is the first time it has been published in book form.

The 63 poems in this book have been selected from both the written and recorded archives and shows the great range and quality of Lebiedzinski’s work. As well as the recordings publicly available through Six Foot Under, the vast majority of the collection here comes from Lebiedzinski’s own private notebooks and have never been seen before. This work selected from the hundreds of manuscript poems is an amazing treasure trove which enriches the store of Manx literature.

By turns reflective, nostalgic, humorous or bursting with rage, Lebiedzinski’s poetry remains as vital today as when it was first written.