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Gold-Dust and Calm - The Watercolours of Robert Evans Creer

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This charming book features the watercolours of a hitherto unknown Manx artist of the mid-19th century.

Robert Evans Creer was born in Ramsey and was the son of the harbour master. His unusual paintings depict many rural scenes around the Isle of Man, though most of them are based in the north. Creer’s style of painting might be described as a naïve style, and it has a remarkable freshness and innocence which takes you right to the heart of the subject.

The country scenes often show ordinary people, walking the lanes, passing on a cart, leaning on a gate, or, in one case, wearing a splendid pair of braces whilst working on a lawn.

This remarkable book gives a fascinating insight into the rural Isle of Man of the 19th century, and its glowing colours and unique views of the landscape make it a book that will be treasured by anyone who buys it.