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The Manx Music newsletter is out!

Fri, 03 Mar 2023

The latest edition of the KMJ newsletter of Manx music & dance is now online:

KMJ March 2023

This month's edition includes...

News: Fiona McArdle's receiving the RBV award, new acts announced for Shennaghys Jiu in April, the release of a 1990s cassette of Manx dance music, a French television documentary etc.

Upcoming Concerts: Cliogaree Twoaie & Ny Fennee, the Braaid Eisteddfod, the Guild, Battle of the Bands etc.

New Music Links: Owen Williams, Angelo Kelly (with Tom Callister & Adam Rhodes), George Tootell's 'Manx Impressions,' a set in a New York part etc.

Research News: A Grand Selection of Manx Songs for Brass Band, "Little Manks music to be met with," Daunse Straid, a 1983 photo of Manx dancers etc.

Transcription of the Month: 'Take a Match to a Gorse Bush' by Beccy Hurst

Calendar of events

The 100s of previous editions dating back to 2006 are available here: KMJ Newsletters

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