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Manx music tutorials for harp

Tue, 26 Oct 2021

Culture Vannin are delighted to release a new series of four Manx harp video tutorials, presented by renowned Celtic harpist and teacher Rachel Hair.

The tutorials are based on a set of Manx melodies selected by Rachel for her suite "Mannin Aboo!" and they include step-by-step lessons and freely downloadable sheet music for Arrane ny Niee, Auldyn River, Flitter Dance and Hop tu naa.

The Mannin Aboo! suite was premiered at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival in 2018 when Rachel oversaw over 100 harp players who gathered to perform it alongside her young Manx harp ensemble, "Claasagh". Rachel, who is based in Glasgow, arranged the suite to be accessible by all levels of players, from beginner to intermediate, and "Mannin Aboo", which translates as "Hooray for the Isle of Man", can either be performed as individual pieces by a solo harpist or altogether as part of a large harp ensemble.

Rachel Hair has been teaching harp for Culture Vannin for over 10 years. Teaching almost exclusively through Manx music, dozens of young harpists from all over the Island, including BBC Radio 2 Young folk musician of the year, Mera Royle, have benefitted from her expertise. She is a great advocate for the Island too, having performed and taught Manx music all around the world, and she now working on a collaborative album with Gaelic singer, Ruth Keggin.

Dr Chloë Woolley, Manx Music Development Officer for Culture Vannin said:

"We are very fortunate to have Rachel Hair as our harp teacher, and these new tutorials will not only be useful for her Isle of Man students, but also for harpists around the world who are seeking to discover and explore Manx music".

All of the videos are available here: culturevannin.im/watchlisten/videos/rachel-hair-harp-lessons-mannin-aboo-695439/

All of the Mannin Aboo! videos and sheet music are here: manxmusic.com/learn_page_530896.html

Monthly harp lessons for school children are arranged by Culture Vannin. More information on how to join the waiting list: manxmusic@culturevannin.im

More about Rachel Hair: www.rachelhair.com