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Dates & locations for Hunt the Wren & the White Boys etc.

Thu, 10 Dec 2020

The locations and times for the White Boys in 2020:

Saturday 12 December
11am, Colby Methodist Church Hall (the Southern White Boys)

Saturday 19 December
10am - Port St. Mary, by the Coop (the Southern White Boys)
10.30am - Port Erin, by the Railway Station  (the Southern White Boys)
10.55am - Port Erin, outside Shoprite (the Southern White Boys)
11am - Castletown Square (the Peel White Boys)
11.30am - Castletown Square  (the Southern White Boys)
12pm - Laxey Village Square, new Road (the Peel White Boys)
12.30 & 2.30pm - Douglas, outside Strand St Shopping Centre (the Southern White Boys)
1pm - Ramsey, outside the Courthouse (the Peel White Boys)
3pm - Peel, Michael Street (the Peel White Boys)
3.45pm - Peel, The Dog’s Nollick, East Quay (the Peel White Boys)
4pm - Peel, Michael St (the Southern White Boys)


The locations and times for Hunt the Wren this year (all to be finished by midday):

PORT St. MARY: 10am meet in the Scoill Phurt-le-Moirrey car park
DOUGLAS: 10.15am meet (for 10.30am start) outside the Woodbourne Hotel
RAMSEY: 10.30am meet outside St Paul’s Church
St. JOHN'S: 10.30am meet in the Arboretum car park
WILLASTON: 10.45am meet in Willaston School Car Park (opp. Manor Pub)
KIRK MICHAEL: 11am outside the Mitre pub (going on to Ballaugh)
BALLAUGH: 11.20am outside The Raven (going on to Sulby)
SULBY: 11.40am at the Sulby Glen Pub


The location and time of the annual Cammag match:

2pm, St. John's, the Tynwald Fairfield
The North vs the South
To be followed by a Manx music session in the Tynwald Inn


All of these events are community-led, organised and supported by the communities themselves.
More information about Manx Christmastime traditions can be found here: Manx Folklore