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Culture Vannin celebrates 40 years

Mon, 03 Oct 2022

Supporters of Manx cultural organisation, Culture Vannin, came together recently to celebrate 40 years of the Manx Heritage Foundation Act.

Past and present board members and officers joined RBV winners and other key cultural contributors who have given their time and worked so hard for the organisation over the years.

Dr Breesha Maddrell, Director of Culture Vannin said:

“We felt it was incredibly important to us in 2022, as part of our year of 40th anniversary celebrations, to recognise the contribution to the organisation made by so many people over the years, whether as members, officers, commissioned authors, or as those who love and practise Manx culture in all its wonderful forms.”

Invited guests gathered together to share their experiences and memories of the organisation over the decades. Shelia Tarr presented a petition to Tynwald in 1980 that led to the formation of a select committee, which in turn saw the 1982 Act and the creation of the Manx Heritage Foundation. Nowadays, trading as Culture Vannin, the charity is situated right at the heart of the Island, with its Culture Centre opposite Tynwald Hill in St Johns.

Hon. Chris Thomas MHK, Caairlagh (Chair) of Culture Vannin said:

“Under the name of the Manx Heritage Foundation for many decades, or the more recent trading name of Culture Vannin, we have worked to support and promote Manx culture and cultural heritage by partnering with the community, government agencies and business in order to fulfil our founding objects. Communication, education and accessibility are key to our work, and development work for Manx language, Manx music and dance, and online and educational resources makes sure that is possible. Supporting grassroots projects through our grants schemes mean that often modest sums of money are subject to a multiplier effect that the time, knowledge, skill and enthusiasm of those involved with Manx culture bring.”

Culture Vannin is proud to support, promote and celebrate contemporary Manx culture, drawing on our cultural heritage to help shape an exciting future. Throughout 2022 the charity has delivered a series of special releases, projects and events, details of which can be found here.

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