Who we are - Shinyn

Culture Vannin has a strong and proud history of supporting and promoting Manx culture through development, education and grant-giving work since we were established as the Manx Heritage Foundation by Act of Tynwald in 1982. Inspired by the Island of Culture celebrations throughout 2014, we adopted the trading name Culture Vannin, reflecting our continued work to promote our culture in inclusive, engaging and creative ways.

The Manx Heritage Foundation is registered charity number 333 in the Isle of Man.

Culture Vannin currently employs four full-time officers: Director, Manx Language Development Officer, Manx Music Development Officer and Online and Educational Resources Officer.

We work closely with other government departments and organisations as well as businesses in the private sector. We have developed extensive resources for the Department of Education and Children, have worked with DEFA on their Biosphere Vannin designation application, with the IOM Arts Council on Island of Culture 2014 and other projects, with Manx National Heritage, with Tourism within DED, with the University of Liverpool's Centre for Manx Studies and many more.

We are currently working on the development of a cross-government and voluntary sector Building Conservation Forum and, in conjunction with DEC, the development of a Manx Language Network.

Come and visit our exhibitions on Tynwald and Manx culture at our cultural centre: Fairfield House, Main Road, St John's IM4 3NA. We are open 9.30am-4.30pm weekdays, free admission.

Click here to see the Manx Heritage Act 1982