Harry Kinley


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  • Interview with Captain Harry Kinley

    Captain Harry Kinley, born in 1908, talks to John Rimmington about some of his memories, including:

    Growing up on Barnee Moo Hill, Fistard
    The Chasms and rowing boats in Perwick

    The Perwick Hotel and the Clague family
    Sugar Loaf Rock and Spanish Head
    The Manx Fencibles
    Fishing and the herrin’[herring] boats
    Chasms Café and Chicken’s Rock
    Grounding of
    The Lady Plymouth
    WWII and U-boats
    Early school days and further education
    Cregneash Village
    Siblings and Christmas memories
    The Spar Quarry
    Sheep Hole cave, Perwick
    Local characters
    Childhood games

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  • Interview with Captain Harry Kinley (part 2)

    Captain Harry Kinley, born 1908, talks to interviewer David Callister about his memories.

    Growing up in a seafaring family
    Early ambition of going to sea
    Joining the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company

    Mona’s Isle and The Lady of Mann
    WWII experiences
    Holman Projector on board
    The Viking
    Bombing near Dunkirk
    Transporting children from the Channel Islands
    Examination for Master’s ticket
    Master of
    The Ben my Chree
    Man lost overboard on The Lady of Mann
    Tourists visiting the Isle of Man

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