Alfie Gilmour


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  • Interview with Mr Alfie Gilmour

    Mr Alfie Gilmour, born in 1915 and who passed away in November 2000, talks to David Callister about his memories. Topics include:

    Spring Valley and Pulrose estates
    Open air services at Kirk Braddan Church
    Early school days
    Cattle boats from Northern Ireland
    Belle Vue racecourse
    Builder Mr McCarten
    1928 flood and saving baby
    Douglas & Pulrose Laundry
    Wilfie Purvis’ bus service
    Apprentice at Todhunters
    Parrot stories and antics
    The Minay family
    Tricks and pranks at work
    Nicknames and local tramps
    Working for the Gas Company
    Drunken holiday-makers

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