Bill Cook


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  • Interview with Mr Bill Cook

    Bill Cook - born in Hackney, London was a former Head of the Manx CID, the first Detective Inspector in the history of the Isle of Man Constabulary, a man associated with Manx cricket for almost 60 years as player and umpire, an Onchan footballer and a member of St John Ambulance for 49 years! He talks to David Callister about his memories and covers the following topics:

    WWII memories
    HMS St George and HMS Valkyrie
    Manx CID and Isle of Man Constabulary
    Enlisting underage and training
    Charge of Absent Without Leave
    Castletown Golf Links
    Corporal and Sergeant in RAF Regiment
    Teaching instructor for new recruits
    Posting to Butlin’s Holiday Camp
    VE Day [Victory in Europe Day]
    Shooting at drogues at Ronaldsway Airport
    Exhibition fights as a boxer
    Isle of Man Police Cricket Team

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