Alwyn Collister


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  • Interview with Mr Alwyn Collister

    Mr Alwyn Collister, of Castletown and born in 1939, talks to David Callister about his memories. Topics include:

    Memories of WWII
    Flight departures from No. 11, The Crescent in Derbyhaven
    Father’s haulage business
    Coal boats and wagons
    Relocation of airport debate
    Early school days
    Manx Music Festival
    Opinion of Manx Gaelic
    Working for the Isle of Man Post Office
    National Service and training
    Playing in the Regimental Band
    Chicken’s Rock lighthouse fire
    Leaving the Forces and returning to the Post Office
    Standing as Castletown Commissioner with Tony Brown
    Member of The Board of Education
    Trustee of King William’s College

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