Vincent Ciappelli


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  • Interview with Mr Vincent Ciappelli

    Vincent Ciappelli, born in Sicily in 1936, is well-known on the Isle of Man for his culinary skills! He came to the Island in 1963 for some seasonal work, but missed the boat back to England and lived the rest of his days on the Isle of Man where he raised his family. Here he talks to interviewer David Callister.

    Topics include:

    Early childhood memories
    Training as barber
    Moving to the Isle of Man
    The Majestic Hotel
    Working as chef for various hotels
    The casino raid
    Sir Dudley Cunliffe-Owen
    Mike Hailwood and TT races
    Professional American gamblers
    Organising conferences and banquets
    Gambling at the casino
    Duke of Blenheim
    Kevin Woodford and The Waterfront
    Meeting wife and starting family

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