Mabel Bean


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  • Interview with Mrs Mabel Bean

    David Callister interviews Mrs Mabel Bean, a resident of the Isle of Man who was born in England in 1899. Mrs Bean discusses the following topics:

    Early childhood memories
    Memories of WWI
    Obtaining a driving licence
    Father’s involvement with Billy Morris of Morris Motors
    Various jobs during WW1
    Watching Zeppelins flying overhead
    Boyfriends and getting married
    End of WWI and Armistice
    Joining the WVS [Women’s Voluntary Service]
    Becoming a Land Girl
    Rationing and selling cigarettes
    Husband in charge of Recruitment Centre
    Bombing and bomb shelters
    Memories of father’s car racing in the Isle of Man
    Moving to the Isle of Man
    Celebrating 100th birthday
    Resident at Cummal Moar

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