Eric Kelly


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  • Interview with Mr Eric Kelly

    Mr Eric Kelly, born and brought up in Peel, talks to Elizabeth Ardern-Corris about topics including:

    • Early school days
    • Music lessons
    • Entertainment
    • Shops and cafes in Peel
    • Kipper yards
    • Sunday School outings
    • Birthdays and celebrations
    • Teachers' nicknames
    • Popular children's comics
    • Working for Peel Carriers
    • Unemployment and benefit entitlements
    • Agent for Betterware
    • The Kelly Trio and the local music scene
    • St Johns Good Friends Club
    • The Isle of Man Guild
    • Grandchildren

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More Photos

  • Mr Eric Kelly at his home in Peel in 2012
  • Mr Eric Kelly was a Peel Town Commissioner and is pictured here in 1984, in the Peel Town Commissioners Board Room. From left to right standing: John Lightfoot, Gerry Burden, Harry Kelly, Hazel Hannan, Mr Eric Kelly, Burt Quayle and Ian Cannell. From left to right sitting: Jackie Wade, Eddie Leece and Christine Moughtin
  • Mr Eric Kelly on his wedding day, 3rd June 1965, is pictured with his brothers. From left to right: Murray, Mr Eric Kelly and Paul
  • A picture of the
  • Mr Eric Kelly with his parents and brothers. From left to right: Mr Kelly’s father, brother Paul, Mr Eric Kelly as a child and his brother Murray sitting on his mother’s lap. Photograph dated 1946-1947
  • Mr Eric Kelly's father worked in the Peel Brickworks factory. Mr Eric Kelly believes his father is pictured 2nd from the left pushing a barrow. Date unknown.
  • Mr Eric Kelly's first car, a bond 3 wheeler, which cost him £357
  • Mr Kelly with his future wife Sheila. Date unknown
  • The Kelly Trio in 1966. Mr Eric Kelly is playing the keyboard on the left
  • Copy of a professional photograph taken on Peel promenade when Mr Eric Kelly was told off by Mr Howard Gibson for not having a music license to play in a public place. Date unknown
  • Mr Eric Kelly aged c.6 months old with his mother and father